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A Young Person’s Take on World Events

Someone requested that I write about my view on the the recent world events going on. I’ve been thinking hard about this stuff lately, and I’ve realized one word comes to mind when I think about it all: the word “pain”. It’s such an obvious emotion, but also so relevant.

Whether it’s seeing the girlfriend of the editor at Charlie Hebdo (Stéphane Charbonnier) suffer so horribly, or the way America seems to be stuck in a painful season due to the many struggles we’ve been dealing with, this pain is affecting everyone one way or another. As a young person, I’m getting an interesting backseat view on all of it, and yes – it’s still painful for me (and more kiddos my age) to see.

I don’t know why, but this new year does not feel happy and hopeful like every other has. (Not sure if that’s just me or..?) And I think we owe this to the pain we’re all feeling, but not really talking about.

Honestly – us young people do truly care about these things – more than adults credit us with. Adults can help this fear and worry within us by talking with us about it. We’re listening!

In the end, as a young person, my heart goes out to everyone being affected by these painful world events. And as adults, taking the time to talk to us about these events as my parents do with me would be more beneficial to us than you know.


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