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Keep On Dreamin’

Last night I had one of those selfish moments that everyone has at one point or another. On a car ride home, I started thinking about passing up a big opportunity I’ve been given. I kept thinking “I am not qualified for this” and “maybe these dreams are just too big.” I ended the day thinking that I would play it safe and pass on this crazy-awesome thing I have a good chance at.

That was how I was left feeling until this morning when I read a few chapters out of The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. (God knows when you need be smacked in the face by truth!) In days 8, 9, and 10 Rick talks about worshiping God and surrendering your life and dreams to Him. A lot of what I took out of those chapters was the fact that God gives us gifts and abilities to use, not waste.

You’ve heard the idea a million times, but have you ever really dwelled on it?

Look – God gave me a gift of writing. He also set it in my heart to want to be in the music industry and live in Nashville someday.

Imagine if I threw away my dream of “making it” in the industry. I lived outside of God’s will for my life. I decided to do something that I knew did not take as much of a risk. I lived out God’s plan for someone else. Then one day, I died. I got to Heaven and God asked me “Did you use the gifts I gave you to further my kingdom?”

I would then say “I played it safe and buried that dream so that I wouldn’t mess it up.”

I don’t think God would be impressed with that. Sure, He would be happy that I lived for Him, but I don’t think when He created me He envisioned me throwing away dreams He put inside my heart. That, my friends, is a lack of trust.

What if I would have radically changed the world?

For some people, moving to Nashville and being in the music industry sounds awful. Some people are made to something else. For example, some people might be created to minister to their children and family. That doesn’t make their purpose any less important! My mom home-schools three kids, and spends virtually all of her time around us or planning school for us. She is changing our lives while fulfilling the deep desires of her heart set there by God. That is what she is happy doing, and that is what God wants her to do!

I see people put down others’ dreams – or their own dreams – far too often. Just because I want to move to Nashville and be in the music industry does not mean that your dream is any less important. You might have a dream that seems small, but God is going to use you to do bigger things than you can ever envision.

Your deep desire to do what makes you happy is not a mistake. And just because you maybe haven’t reached the point where you can fulfill that desire yet does not mean it’s not going to happen. God knows you, and He is setting everything up just right so that you can do what you love and happily serve God! So, my friends, keep on dreamin’!



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