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Hope in Your Headphones

When I went to Elementary and Middle school, I went to school in fear. I was so afraid to step off that big yellow bus each day because of the teasing that was almost certain to ensue. You see, I loved TobyMac and DC Talk – but everyone else thought I was crazy because Eminem and Lil’ Wayne were “in” and topping charts.

I have nothing against mainstream music. I love a little of it now and then! The key is not letting it into your heart. (Also, I believe we should all be aware of what our unbelieving friends are letting in so we can accurately pinpoint things and say “This is wrong!”) I’ve just always felt a drawing towards music that speaks truth and hope. Plus, my attitude turns sour when I leave anything else on for a long period of time.

I am reminded every day the power hopeful music has on us – through the writing/reviewing I do, and just from the way I see it affect people around me. However, I didn’t realize how things are going in the secular music world until I recently heard some of the “chart-toppers” by a few mainstream artists. The whole time I was hearing these songs, all I could think about was that these songs have no moral. I mean, musicians get this spectacular platform to speak truth and life into SO many peoples’ lives. Yet, I feel that a lot of our world is being influenced in horrible ways by seemingly harmless words.

While I would like to be able to say that it is all the artist’s fault for blasting impure thoughts into our heads, the truth is that it’s equally our fault; we are listening, right? And that’s just it: we are filling our hearts and mind with trash, and that’s what is coming out. If we aren’t doing it ourselves, we are watching others do it without doing anything about it. So we are still partly responsible.

This is not just for teens and “young” people to perk their ears up to and hear. This is for everyone. There’s got to be at least someone who could use a little pick-me-up on the way to work or school. (or anywhere)

My challenge to everyone reading is to hand off a Christian CD to at least one person this week. You never know, it could change their life!

xoxo, maddy

About Maddy Agers (211 Articles)
Editor and founder of The Digital Breakdown. Coffee and tea drinker. Enjoys reading, writing, and music blaring.

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