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What I Learned About Life From Being a Kid on the Red Carpet

I am certainly an anomaly. As an elementary/middle schooler I found enjoyment in listening to DC Talk and TobyMac, and my favorite thing to do was go to concerts and meet artists. When I went to concerts and awards shows, I always felt a longing in my heart that I was meant to do something bigger than just attend these amazing events. So perhaps, for my family and friends, it was no surprise when I got approved for media credentials for the 2014 Dove Awards.

Upon arriving, I got lost on campus. (whoops) But eventually we found our way, and I was let in and given my passes. My dad as my camera crew, it was sort of like being Charlie and his grandpa in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I was not nervous at all, because I knew this was where I belonged. The hours I had spent praying for direction led me here, though I didn’t fully understand how big of a deal it was for a kid to actually be accepted into these things. (But I had a taste — and I liked it!)

My life is crazy. Seriously – I am always challenged by God to do things that seem way out of my reach. But standing on that silly red carpet strip, I felt that I could do anything. On that red carpet, I learned that God will send you anywhere if you’re willing to open your heart and let Him in. I also learned that you’ve got to let people warm up to you sometimes – especially if you’re a fourteen-year-old freckled kid interviewing top names in Christian music. A lot of artists thought it was great I was doing something like this so young, but some publicists shied away. I learned to appreciate those who are willing to give me a chance.

It’s not always easy for a kid like me – behind the smile and award show stories, there’s a kid who has had to learn early on that people don’t always like different. So many people my age cannot stand me because of the way I live. My mom says it’s because I live in God’s will and I light up the sins of people sometimes.

Being different and being who God created you to be are crucial in this world. The more I delve into the Old Testament, I see that God just wants us to be available. God has plans for all of us – and I saw the variety of talents being used for His glory on that red carpet. A taste of God’s city, you could say.

This May I will be at the K-Love Fan Awards, in my dream city! I cannot wait to see how God works in my heart, and looking forward to sharing more red carpet lessons!

until next time, maddy

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