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Dear Taylor Swift — A Letter From Jamie Grace

Taylor Swift shared the horrible news that her mother has cancer about a week ago on Tumblr. Her fans have since been encouraging her and sharing their own personal experiences with cancer, which is a very uplifting thing to see. Outside of lifting her in prayer on my own, I’ve been keeping track of what other fans have been saying to her. Not long after her Tumblr post was up, I was more than happy (yet sorta surprised) to see Jamie Grace had written this letter to Taylor.

While Jamie’s mom does not have cancer, she does have a rare and incurable nerve condition that affects her life in a lot of tough ways. I pray over Jamie’s mom a lot, and it breaks my heart over and over to see the way her family is dealing with this. I have met Jamie Grace and her sister, Morgan Harper Nichols, twice over the past two years. Their family is so sweet. I encourage you to pray over them when you get the chance.

Jamie started a website called for people fighting through difficult and life-altering challenges. She wrote the letter to Taylor Swift on this website. I hope you can check out some of the stories that have been shared so that you can pray over these people and be encouraged to keep fighting through your personal struggles, too.

This letter Jamie wrote to Taylor is a special thing. It resembles the way we should treat all people, and that despite our differences with others, we are all going through something. Sometimes we are quick to judge a public figure when we really should be showing them love. After all, you’re just like them!

Connect with Jamie Grace:

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**Here is a great interview with Jamie and her mom about this letter:

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