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Anomaly Tour With Lecrae, Andy Mineo, DJ Promote 4.30.15

It was concert day. Almost time to test my rapping skills and jump deeper in the heart of these guys’ music, and I could not wait. After lunch, I thought I’d check social media to see if they had arrived yet. Pleasantly to my surprise, they had! And there was a meet and greet being held pre-show for free.

So, I jumped in the car and off we were. When we got to the meet and greet, the guys were really cool. DJ Promote was spinning tracks while we waited in line, and once we got up to meet Andy and Lecrae they were great. Lecrae is a really outspoken, warm guy so it was cool to see him again after we previously met at the Dove Awards last year. As Lecrae signed my shirt, I talked with him and Andy. Then, off to the show!

The venue they played at was a very intricate, Harry Potter-vibe place. Despite the eery vibe of the building, the merch table was awesome! Y’all really gotta check out Lecrae’s flatbills. There is a great community around 116 shows, so walking around the city that day there were shirts and hats of every color reppin’ the guys. That’s something special! Another special thing going on that night was that St. Louis’s local radio station, Boost 101.9, was in the building doing a giveaway and after the show they played Andy and Lecrae songs all night. Check them out when you have the chance.. You can listen online AND they do some great giveaways!

DJ Promote started the show off full of energy. I had never really seen DJ Promote in action, I’d just seen him in pictures, on Rapzilla, etc. But guys, WOW! He had everyone in the building on their feet, and even brought Black Knight on stage with him. His stage presence is really great. You can tell he loves what he does, and that passion was reflected in the way the crowd was digging his work!

Then, Andy was up to bat. Andy played a lot of old stuff, and even those who didn’t know his music were having fun. He talked about his wife, and told the story of how he got started in music. It was a personal set, full of music videos and Latino love! Andy even brought Black Knight out on drums. (Which he killed!) My favorite part of his show was the joy shining on every fan’s face as they rapped along. There’s a certain way Andy makes you feel when he’s on set, and this show was no different. I was left happy after he was finished because he actually skateboarded on stage, which I’ve always wondered if he actually does.

Finally, Lecrae was out! I love Lecrae because he always has something valuable to say, whether in his music or just in a conversation. His show was no different. He opened it with a clip of a woman giving birth to a baby that was supposed to be him, and throughout the set he explained his life through video. This gave me a lot more insight on what it was like for him to grow up without a father, and also the struggles he dealt with in consequence. Lecrae went through almost his whole album on stage, and actually opened it with one of my favorites – “Welcome To America”. There were strobe lights, lyric videos, and a lot of throwing objects out to the crowd. He played just long enough to make you still want an encore, but not be way too tired of him! He played “Say I Won’t” with Andy during the encore, along with some oldies. I was sad to see him leave, but, as he told me at the meet and greet, he may be catching up with us again soon at the K-Love Fan Awards!

Overall, it was an AWESOME show. I was talking about it all day yesterday, and I wish I could go back! This lineup was one for the books! Have you been to a show on the Anomaly Tour? Hit us up on Twitter and let us know what you thought!

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