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Why You Need To Check Out The Jamie Grace Show Podcast

We love Jamie Grace. We love podcasts. And now there’s both in one! The Jamie Grace Show Podcast is available on iTunes Podcast or, if you use Android, an app like Podbay will work too.

You might not believe us yet. I mean, why should you spend 45 minutes of your time listening to this podcast – out of alllllllll the podcasts or radio stations or online streaming services you could be listening to? We’ve got you covered. Here are 5 reasons you should be tuning in every week to hear what this lady has to say. I mean, if you’re gonna be spending time with her, you’ll wanna know a little about her, right?

1.) Jamie knows how to handle those flirtatious fellows:


2.) Family matters to Jamie Grace!

— umm, did you know that Jamie Grace lives with her parents because she loves them SO much? Or that she’s in a country duo with her sister, Morgan? Plus, there’s this:


3.) Jamie’s drawing skills are on fleek.

— here we have a drawing of the one and only TobyMac. Isn’t it realistic? I think yes.


4.) She looks a lot like the girl who sings “Hold Me”. Has anyone ever told her that?

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okay I need your advice! 😉

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5.) Besides talking about love and legacy and stuff, she is really great at sports commentary, as you see here:


So, folks, check it out! And stay in the loop with Jamie Grace by following her on social media. She’s super fun!

Connect with Jamie Grace:

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