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UP Greenlights New Series – “Last Hope With Troy Dunn”

ATLANTA – May 21, 2015 – UP announced today that it has greenlit a brand-new original series, “Last Hope with Troy Dunn” (working title) with real-life missing persons and relationship expert, best-selling author and motivational speaker Troy Dunn (“APB with Troy Dunn,” The Locator”). The series will follow Dunn as he tracks down lost loved ones and facilitates their inspirational reunions.  Produced by DunnDeal Studios, “Last Hope with Troy Dunn” (working title) will debut in Fall 2015, exclusively on UP.  In addition, UP has acquired all 44 episodes of Dunn’s original popular reality series, “The Locator, in a deal with Off the Fence.  “The Locator” will premiere on UP on Monday, June 1 at 9 p.m. EDT.  

The new half-hour, 10-episode UP series promises a deeper insight into how Dunn rebuilds fractured relationships by finding absent loved ones and bringing them home.  Combining technology, social media and good old-fashioned “boots on the ground” detective work, Dunn will give viewers an unprecedented look inside his unorthodox approach for finding the “unfindable” and repairing the very broken.  It is his deeply passionate approach and extraordinary track record that have made him the most sought after expert in his field.

Troy’s work to heal fractured families has brought to television some of the most uplifting stories of healing, redemption and forgiveness that viewers have ever seen,” said Amy Winter, EVP and General Manager, UP.  “As the leading network for heart-warming, compelling content for you and your family, UP is the perfect home for Troys latest series.  This will be more than just a show.  This is his lifes work, and we hope viewers will come along with us for what we expect to be some of the most deeply moving and memorable moments on television.” 

Dunn had this to say about his new series: “In all of my years of sharing real-life reunions on television, I have maintained very specific boundaries for the cameras capturing these powerful, vulnerable events. Because of my faith in UP and our shared vision, I have decided to blow up those former boundaries and allow viewers deeper inside the experience than I ever imagined I would. This will be the most raw, unfiltered view inside our ‘Locator’ world we have ever, ever shared with anyone. It’s going to be a vulnerable position to put ourselves in, but I really want our loyal fans to cross over from ‘watching’ what we do’ to really experiencing it as first-hand as possible.” 

Casting for the series has commenced.  Interested persons who wish to be reunited with loved ones or want to be considered for Dunn’s upcoming new series may submit their request for his help at or at

For the past 25 years, Troy and his team have assisted tens of thousands of people worldwide in repairing their lives and reuniting their families.  His “life’s mission,” as he puts it, began in 1990 when Troy helped his mother (who was adopted as a baby) locate her own biological family.  To date, Troy has starred in two hit TV shows: “The Locator” and “APB with Troy Dunn.”  He is a recognized television personality, frequently seen on “Dr. Phil,” and a variety of network talk shows in the U.S., U.K. and Canada.  Troy is also the author of several best-selling books – his most recent: Family: The GOOD F Word.  In addition, he remains in demand as an inspirational speaker around the world.  He is currently on tour with his latest initiative ( as he looks to help people build their best family.

Produced by Legendary’s Asylum Entertainment, “The Locator, follows the first television exploits of Troy Dunn, a real-life missing person’s expert with a thriving business in Florida.  Troy has located thousands of missing people and solved some of the toughest missing family-member cases in the country.  Inspired by his mother, who was given up for adoption as a baby, Troy takes on many pro-bono cases on behalf of adopted children seeking their birth mothers, lost siblings, or lost love ones.

Follow the cast at:


·        Troy Dunn on Twitter @TheLocatoron online at  

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