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K-Love Fan Awards Weekend Day 1

Why hello, lovelies. This weekend I am representing all of us young folk as media at the 2015 K-Love Fan Awards. If you’re like me, you want to know exactly how it all goes, outside of interviews and red carpets. Here is my take on Day 1 of the 2015 K-Love Fan Awards!

I woke up pretty early and packed everything into our car. Then, we hit the road. It’s not a terribly far drive from where I live to get to Nashville, so after about 6 hours in the car, we were actually at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel picking up our credentials! I was seeing some really cool people like Sidewalk Prophets perusing around the hotel, which I thought was neat. If you have ever been to the Opryland Hotel, you will realize that it’s HUGE. They have plants and moats and a whole mall in this place. Oh – if you’re staying there, make sure you get pizza from Paisano’s in the hotel mall. It’s the best pizza ever.

I picked up froyo with a friend of mine named Sarah who I love SO much. Then, we staked out our spot in line for the Kickoff Concert. I don’t know if you have ever been to a concert with general admission, but at the K-Loves it is crazy. CRAZY. Due to Camp Electric, I have had practice with crowds and finding seats and battling people head-on, but this was a whole different ballgame. It was honestly like the Hunger Games to find a seat in there. Extremely surprised no one had to go to the emergency room. There were 3,000+ people who somehow funneled into the ballroom in less than 3 minutes. Because I am small, I can get in with all the 5 year old children and get a good spot. Sarah, Mary, my dad, and I were all split up and not sure exactly what was going on. But never fear, for I was laying across the 3rd row center. That was crazy.

The show was magical. Honestly, freaking magical. Sidewalk Prophets, Matt Maher, Matthew West, The Newsboys, and TobyMac. I loved it all so much, but due to the lack of sleep, I was nodding in and out by the end. TobyMac fixed that problem. There was even confetti at the end of his show. Super fun! Then, the show was over and we got to sleep. Now, onto day 2!

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