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Dear Christian Radio — A Note From The Listeners

I love reading about world events. I think it’s important to know what is going on in the world and in my community. I like to know what people are debating about and why people believe what they believe. However, the world events I’m seeing lately are disappointing. What was once taboo is now the norm. Meanwhile, the word “love” is losing its meaning among people. People are calling it “overused” and “meaningless”. Dating is something teenagers are doing purposelessly because it’s “fun”. NEWSFLASH – hearts are being broken. We’re losing examples of dating and marriages the way God intended for them to be. Turning on the radio to Christian stations doesn’t seem to help us find an example of what love between two people looks like when God’s in the middle.

And then here I am – a female Christian teenager who relies on songs such as DC Talk’s “That Kinda Girl” and the Bible to tell me how to live life in a Godly way. I take dating seriously and expect chivalry and respect from those who pursue me. I’ve listened to a local Christian radio station (which just so happens to be one of the top Christian radio stations in America) ever since I was teething. I’m 15 – a year away from being allowed to date. I’ve obviously developed an interest in boys by now. Why do I feel the need to switch stations from my favorite “Jesus jams” to the secular world when I want to hear a song about love? It’s either worship songs I sing on Sundays or songs littered with sexual innuendo telling me to go smoke something illegal and have sex with a boy. Why do I have to pick between the two extremes?

My love for Christian radio is something that is dying, but it’s still there. After all, I run a website that promotes many of the songs you hear on said radio stations. I just don’t understand this whole thing with love songs. When God gives you somebody that radically changes you for the better, you want to listen to songs that make you think of that somebody. It’s not the music-makers that are behind this issue. Artists like Mat Kearney are making beautiful love songs about their spouses. TobyMac released a song about his wife, Amanda, called “Made for Me” on his Eye On It album. Moriah Peters and her husband Joel (of the band For King & Country) sing on a duo called “I’ll Wait For You” on Moriah’s latest album, Brave. Guess how many times I’ve heard these songs on the radio? Zero.

While we’re on the topic – hip-hop, metal, and rap are nothing to fear, Christian radio. Artists like KJ-52, Lecrae, and KB are writing music with the power to impact as many lives as Hillsong does. K-LOVE Radio’s playlist on Spotify is packed with all contemporary tracks from artists like Britt Nicole. (I say this because Britt just released a remix track to the public, and it’s AMAZING!) Nothing against Christian radio – but why aren’t we hearing remixes and music of all kinds on air? — Another blog for another time. Maybe a part 2? Let me know your thoughts on this. I know I’m not alone!

Don’t get me wrong, I love contemporary songs. I also love Christian radio and their impact on people. Countless amounts of people have been positively affected by your work. I have been positively affected by your work! But as a listener and as a supporter of you, you need to know that many other people feel the way I do! I only want to see growth in Christian radio. Can we please fix this, though?

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1 Comment on Dear Christian Radio — A Note From The Listeners

  1. I completely agree. Christian radio is so formulaic – most songs are saying the same thing, over and over, and honestly, they sound the same! “My life was terrible, I hit rock bottom, then I found Jesus”.

    Let’s consider another approach like “Broken together” by Casting Crowns as an example. It is such a beautiful song with an incredible message, yet it gets no airplay. Perhaps it’s not happy enough? Too real? As a major consumer of Christian music, I want more.

    Check it out here:


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