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Lecrae Takes the Stage With Tori Kelly

You might recognize Tori Kelly from American Idol, or maybe you’ve heard her notorious song “Dear No One” on the airwaves. (Or YouTube. Yeah, probably YouTube.) If you haven’t heard of Tori before, you need to look her up now. She can SING! Tori has made it known that she would love to collab with Lecrae through several tweets and on a live chat via YouTube. Oh – and you can hear many of Reach Records’ artists, such as Andy Mineo,  played before all of her shows. This is a tweet conversation between Lecrae and Tori back in November.

Well, ‘Crae and Tori have met! THIS COLLABORATION HAS BECOME A THING, GUYS! Last night Tori played at the Canery Ballroom in Nashville, TN, and she brought out Lecrae to perform “Give In”. Tori crushed the vocals, and Lecrae was amazing, as well. Even Crystal Nicole – the pretty lady who sings vocals on the original track from the Anomaly album – approves. Here’s a video she reposted from Jack Shocklee, Beckah Shae’s husband:

Benita Ranney on Instagram shared this bit with us:

And Alex Medina of Reach Records posted this vine:

After the show, Tori posted this selfie:

Ever since this performance, Twitter has been abuzz. Here are some of our favorite tweets regarding this majestic performance:

WE UNDERSTAND YOU, @darleengsings!

And the remorse/ regret for missing this show is inevitable:

Don’t fret, though! Tori’s new album, Unbreakable Smile, is released June 23rd. Don’t forget to catch her on Good Morning America June 22nd:

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