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#SaturdayMorningRecap – June 20th, 2015

Happy Saturday and congratulations for making it through the week! Here’s a recap of the everything going on here at The Digital Breakdown this week!

Lecrae Takes The Stage With Tori Kelly – This week Tori Kelly and Lecrae shared the same stage! Read all about it here. We’ve compiled the best tweets, videos, and photos. It’s seriously magical stuff.

An Open Letter To Christian Radio – Our editor wrote an honest, open letter to Christian Radio. See what advice this teenager has on fixing some serious issues here.

Everything You Need To Know About TobyMac’s New Album **THIS IS NOT A TEST** – With all the announcements surrounding TobyMac’s new album, we know how confusing it can be. We’ve contained everything you need to know about it here at The Digital Breakdown!

A Conversation With Ashley Smith-Robinson – Held hostage for eight hours by Brian Nichols, an escaped murderer, Ashley tells the story of redemption in some of the darkest hours in her life. Her story is incredible, and Paramount Pictures just released the new trailer for Captive, the movie being released about Ashley’s life. Read the article here.

Finally, this weekend backstage footage will be released from the 2015 K-Love Fan Awards we attended a few weeks ago. You can see photos right here. Video recap of the weekend:

Thank you to everyone following us online, and a special shoutout to our Australian & Brazilian friends out there who have been supporting us! See you next week, folks.

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