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Camp Electric 2015: A Short & Sweet Summary

My week at Camp Electric was an adventure, to say the least. I still cannot fully process the impact this year’s Camp had on my heart, but I can tell you one thing: I am very grateful for last week. I spent the whole week in the midst of people who love music and who have been greatly impacted by it. Not only have they been impacted by it through others’ gifts and talents, they want to provide the same impact for people they don’t even know. I find that incredibly beautiful.

I took Acoustic Guitar this year, and I learned some startling truths about the behind-the-scenes of the “music industry” we know and love. Taking Acoustic Guitar was a great experience that I will never forget. I met people like Grant Mickelson who, beyond being the lead guitar player for Taylor Swift, is a Godly man who humbly poured into the lives of many campers at Camp Electric this year. I also met John Nix, half of the duo that put Camp Electric into action. John & I have collaborated on some secret plans which will soon be revealed to all of you! Be on the lookout.

This year I also made some special friends & loved seeing people from past years again. My heart is always full after seeing growth in people at Camp. God is definitely working in people, and every year I see that even clearer. Not all of my friends are teenage prodigies, though! Some musicians, like KJ-52, have been great friends to me the past few years. I had a lot of fun catching up with KJ on life and debating the best/most entertainingly disturbing memes on the inter web.

Being in the city of my dreams – where I feel specifically called to reside one day – is always a breath of fresh air. To me, walking around the beautiful Trevecca campus and drinking coffee was a taste of the promises God is laying over my life. I saw and heard a lot of great things last week, but my favorite thing of all was seeing a glimpse of God’s plan for my life, and seeing how He is using people for His purposes right now. Here’s to the future, and letting God use you and I in the now.

xoxo, maddy

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2 Comments on Camp Electric 2015: A Short & Sweet Summary

  1. Hey Maddy! It’s Tessa😊 I was the daughter of your chaperone this year at camp. I just read your article. I truly believe that God has given you a talent in journalism. You are an AMAZING journalist for any age really! You are a remarkable young lady. I mean look at all you have accomplished at 15! It’s mind blowing! I just wanted to tell you to keep up the awesome job your doing and keep doing what you love for the Lord our God! I am truly blessed to have met such an outstanding person as you. I think you are so encouraging to others even to me because you follow your goals and you chase your dreams. No questions asked. Hope to see you next year at camp electric. And if so I can’t wait to hear all of your new accomplishments! Thank you so much for being YOU!

    Tessa 🌹


    • Hey Tessa! How are you? Thank you so much, that means a lot. I’m glad you feel encouraged by my story, and I really appreciate you checking out my website. It was so nice to meet you this summer, we need to catch up soon!

      xoxo, Maddy


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