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I Challenge You To GO FOR IT

My name is Maddy Agers and I am the editor of a music media website. I have attended three awards shows in the past two years, and have stood on the red carpet for one of them as an interviewer. I have conducted over sixty interviews in the past year, and I manage over fifteen social media accounts – for churches, businesses, and scouting organizations. I’m also fifteen years old..

You probably did not expect that last part, huh?

Don’t worry, not many people do. But I think that’s awesome, because challenging the status quo is what I seem to do. I like seeing someone ponder the idea that I can do these crazy-awesome things at such a young age. And I want to challenge you to challenge the status quo, too. By that I mean this: I want you to go for that promotion, to run for that position, to ask that adorable girl out on a date. I want to challenge you to fight another day, to write what is on your heart. To call and tell them you forgive him. Maybe the statistics are against you, and you feel hopeless. No matter what those statistics look like, I believe in you.//

I have not been on this Earth for a very long time, but I’ll tell you what – I have never accomplished anything by worrying about doing something, or not taking a risk on something I dream of doing.

However, going for it is going to be rough. People are going to laugh at you and tell you that you are crazy for daring to dream. Some days you are going to feel like you cannot do it anymore, or that you’re all out of energy to press on. Maybe you feel like that right now about a dream. Don’t fret; you still have it in you! I challenge those who are in that state of mind to remember why you dared to do this and to follow through. Someday you will look back and thank yourself for enduring the hard stuff.

So, my friends, go for it – do what scares you. Someday you’ll be happy you did. I promise.

xoxo, Maddy

About Maddy Agers (211 Articles)
Editor and founder of The Digital Breakdown. Coffee and tea drinker. Enjoys reading, writing, and music blaring.

3 Comments on I Challenge You To GO FOR IT

  1. Very encouraging!!! Thanks! 😀

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  2. Ashlynn Marie Kottemann // January 18, 2017 at 10:14 pm // Reply



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