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Andy Mineo’s Uncomfortable Tour 10.1.15

Andy Mineo’s Uncomfortable Tour kicked off last night in St. Peters, Missouri. It was an honor to be there and to see Andy headline a tour for the first time. Andy Mineo has grown as an artist – what with getting married and taking a risk with new sounds on his latest album – and you could see that yesterday evening.

The show opener for night one was named SPZRKT. (Pronounced “Spazzy Rocket”) I had heard a bit of SPZRKT’s music, but never had seen him live until last night. I didn’t know he was playing until he took the stage, and I think that was due to the fact that night one of a concert tour is usually madness – things changing, going differently than planned, etc. I was not complaining, though! SPZRKT played a set definitely a lot different than I expected for this tour, mostly it was him singing beautiful songs and the crowd up front standing in awe. I think I would have liked the set better if I would have known what was coming, because it was unexpected to hear SPZRKT’s songs and then hear Propaganda and Andy’s songs.

Propaganda was an act I was excited about. Typically the main act is what I look forward to most in a show, but seeing Andy cut a close tie with seeing Prop. Let me tell you what – Propaganda’s writing is top notch. Poetry is the basis for his writing, and it shows. He writes beautifully, both about tragedies and about the good stuff. The Ferguson riots were brought up several times throughout Prop’s set. That hit close to home for the audience members who so clearly remember what it was like for the St. Louis area (and the world as a whole) to go through that.  Prop is no joke, and he sparked some hot topics that would normally be uncomfortable to bring up at a show, but this tour was not expected to be sugarcoated and watered down. I liked that very much, because it was different than the usual CCM concert experience. A very real, original, “this-is-what-I-believe-and-here’s-why” vibe.

Then, it was Andy’s turn. The excitement in the crowd could be felt all the way through the room. Everyone was up dancing or singing and best of all – smiling. Total strangers bonding over the words of Andy Mineo would become friends by the end of this set. He played very well, and his stage presence was great. Each song was accompanied with graphics – my favorite was “Now I Know”, which featured a cartoon Andy and his cartoon life. So much fun! He mostly went through the new album (it was the “Uncomfortable Tour”) but it felt different than the recordings, even more energized and full of life. That was my favorite part about this concert – Andy Mineo and his work like you’ve never seen it before.

Overall, this concert was a good time. The audience loved it, as you could see in the smiles showing on everyone’s faces. The energy in that room was an energy I would have liked to bottle up and keep with me. I thought I heard Andy Mineo at his finest on the Uncomfortable album, and then I attended the Uncomfortable Tour. Let’s just say, Andy has a lot to work towards to make his next album and tour better than this one. To see for yourself, get to a show!

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