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How One Man Went From A Hit Songwriter To A Corporation President

Today we got to chat with Jason Davis, president of multinational entertainment corporation One One 7. He has been in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years, and started out as a hit songwriter. We talked to him about his story and about One One 7.

TDB: Hello Jason, and thank you for talking with us today. To get started, we would like to ask you about your story. Where are you from, and what got you started in the entertainment industry?

JD: Thank you for having me. I am originally from New Jersey, but spent years living in Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York. I currently live in Florida with my wife, and travel to our different locations. Music, entertainment, and creating has always been my passion since I can remember.

TDB: An essential to growing in life is having someone to learn from. Did you/do you have any mentors that you learn from? How did they affect your career or other aspects of your life?

JD: My greatest mentor was my Grandfather, he had his own business and would walk 3 miles each way every day to his business. After spending my summers with him, his work ethic rubbed off on me.

TDB: Your early career involved being a hit songwriter and winning ASCAP and publishing awards. How has your career evolved since then?

JD: I am thankful to God that it has evolved greatly. Now as a company we make movies, publish books, have a record label, and we have developed incredible artists and businesses over the years. We’ve built a fantastic business that does business in many different countries.

TDB: You have been in several aspects of the entertainment industry throughout your career – being a songwriter, starting a corporation, securing record deal offers for recording artists, locking in talent for major motion pictures, and even writing your award winning memoir, Your Love Pursues. Would you advise someone to explore their industry from different aspects? How do you believe that can help them?

JD: I am a firm believer in networking and always looking for opportunity, but I think you need to start out with a laser beam focus and get great at one thing at a time.

TDB: Why was One One 7 created?

JD: In high school I would make and sell my own records, you can say I have always been an entrepreneur and company minded.

TDB: What is the meaning behind the name One One 7?

JD: Yes, it is based off the scripture 1 John 1:7.

TDB: What has creating One One 7 taught you?

JD: I think growing a business over the years has really taught me to serve others and to put others first.

TDB: What is the best part about your job?

JD: Watching people that work for our company or clients of ours lives flourish.

TDB: Do you have any favorite One One 7 “success stories”?

JD: I cant say there is a favorite. Every success story we have is so special, and I have been very fortunate to have been apart of many big things over the years. We’ve won a lot.

TDB: How do you hope One One 7 affects peoples’ lives – from the viewers or listeners to the talent showcased?

JD: I want to reach people personally and use One One 7 to positively affect peoples lives. I know great music or movies have the power to save lives. As far as our team goes I just want to make sure I am always helping grow people into better people.

TDB: What advice would you give someone who wants to chase their dreams?

JD: Chase it and don’t stop.

TDB: Is there any artist or talent you are most excited about right now? 

JD: I am excited about our new Christian record label we started Awaken Records and our first signing Austin French. We are about half way done with his record.

TDB: Your Love Pursues  is the name of your memoir, which recently won a 2015 Illumination Award for Memoir of The Year. What made you want to write this memoir?

JD: I had various people of the course of 5 years telling me I should write it.

TDB: What do you hope readers of your memoir learn from your story?

JD: That they are loved by deeply by God and how much He has done for my life.

TDB: Thank you for talking to us today. Where we can find you online?

You can follow our TV network One One 7 TV on social media and our company website is
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