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Anthem Lights Makes Shocking Announcement Via YouTube


Anthem Lights made an announcement at 9:00 PM Central time that is breaking the hearts of Lightbulbs everywhere. Before you read on, watch the video, or scroll below to read the official statement the boys made.

“It is with a very heavy heart, bittersweet sentiment that I let you guys know that it is time for me to step away from Anthem Lights. It has been my life for the past seven years, I have had three kids since I was in this band – it has meant everything to me. I just wanted to, first and foremost, thank you – thank you for the opportunity to do something that I believe is meaningful, to do something that fulfills me, to do something that I enjoy and take care of the people I love while doing that. It’s because of the people watching this video and that means more to me than I could even say. So thank you – thank you so much for my time. Thank you for caring. Thank you for listening. It has meant so much.

I think the thing that I’ll take away from this the most of all is these three brothers that are sitting here with me. We have spent an immeasurable amount of time together. I’ve bared my soul in ways that I have only done for these three guys, and vice-versa I believe. They know how much I love them, and although our time in the band together is done, our relationship will be forever. I really just wanted to say that I love you, each and everyone of you. I’m so grateful for your support, I love these guys, and I’m incredibly excited for the next chapter of Anthem Lights. I’m excited for the guy they found to be the “new Alan”, to be his own thing – to step in and make this brand new and exciting. I know you guys are gonna enjoy it, I had the chance to spend some time with him, and I’m really excited for you [points to audience].

But, I love these guys, they are my brothers and nothing’s gonna change that.”

 – Alan Powell

Lightbulbs everywhere are feeling the feels, with some saying they have been expecting this, and some completely shocked. We’re sad to see Alan go, as he is a treasured member of the highly-respected and talented band. This Thursday, however, we meet the new Mystery Member! Be sure to come back here on Thursday for coverage on that, as well.

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