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5 Artist Collabs You Should Be Watching Out For

These are exciting times. The kind of times that have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Artists are in the studio cooking up tunes for us, and we’re impatiently waiting to hear them. We’ve rounded up a list of our top five favorite artist collaborations to be on the watch for.


1. ) Lecrae + Tori Kelly

We have been hoping, praying, and wishing for this collab for a long time. After the artists shared the stage on Tori’s headlining tour back in June, Twitter has been on fire. After Snapchat revealed that Lecrae, Tori Kelly, Mali Music, Spazzy Rocket, and Propaganda were TOGETHER IN ONE STUDIO, Twitter’s fire raged higher. Here are some in-studio posts by @StephenClarke.

2.) Mat Kearney + Judah & The Lion

Mat Kearney and Judah & The Lion are wonderful on their own, but together they’re magical. I mean, did you see their tour together last year? Or, more specifically, this “Uptown Funk” collab? What a great time. Both Mat Kearney and the rising hipster-folk-band’s frontman, Judah, posted about a studio session that looked to be a whole lotta awesome. Interested in seeing where this goes! (Though, we would be totally cool with having a proper recording of that “Uptown Funk” cover. That was a highlight of 2015.)

3.) Switchfoot + Echosmith 

Um, what? This will inevitably take the music industry by storm. A sweet, melodious storm. Here’s a glorious repost by Switchfoot:

4.) Kanye West + Future + Kirk Franklin

Brb, crying.

5.) Mr. Talkbox + Andy Mineo

Since the song “Now I Know” came out on Andy’s latest album, we’ve been wishing and waiting for more of these two. Looks like that might be in the works!


What collaboration has you most excited? Tell us in the comments!


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