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Why You Should Be Reading Egypt Speaks’ “Stories”


Stories by Egypt Speaks is a collection of stories proving that God can use one small spark to ignite a flame in countless souls. Egypt is a 17-year-old poet and spoken word artist from Ohio. Although she has only been on Earth for a short amount of time, she has lived a life full of diligence towards God. At only seven years old, she began touring the country as a fill-in for bands who needed an instrumentalist. By middle school, she was playing more than 15 different instruments and writing music for some of the biggest names in her industry. It has been a decade of serving and touring to spread the name of Jesus. The byproduct of that has not only refined her own story, but that of others she had never even formally met.

The book is a fairly short read, being 138 pages in length. It features stories of people overcoming struggles – from abandonment to mental illness.

Egypt does not let her age have any control of how she conducts her unique life. She may be a teenager, but her old soul shines through in this book. Wisdom radiates through every chapter. The stories of drug addicts, those who came from dysfunctional families, and people living their lives with depression are featured throughout Stories. However, these are stories of hope – of people who are refusing to let those things swallow their dreams and potential. As Egypt writes,

“While the sunshine and roses take on life that many seem to project is not true, neither is the sentiment that one’s story will never get better.”

While reading Stories, you’ll feel a range of emotions – heartbreak for the thirteen year old boy who snuck out once to hear Egypt speak, pride for the stories of those who overcame labels and are following their dreams. You will hurt for those who were so transparent in their accounts of the struggles they face that you felt as though you were talking to them over a cup of coffee.

Stories is a beautiful account of one young lady’s willingness to pick up new skills and face fears to be obedient to Jesus. You see the unfolding of Egypt becoming the woman of God she was created to be, and how that process has – and still is – touching countless lives of all ages. These stories are a testament of learning, of growing, and of loving people well. (Egypt’s story is featured, too!)

Go get the book — there’s truly something in it for everyone. I believe Egypt and everyone who partook in writing this book will continue to spark flames in hearts everywhere.

Stories can be found here.

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