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Social Club Talks New Tunes, Tour, and Talent You Should Know About

We had the chance to catch up with Social Club Misfits today and talk about their EP which releases May 6th. Plus, hear (or read) about stories behind some of the songs and what you can look forward to when they begin their tour with NF this week!

TDB: For those listening who don’t know, can you tell them a little bit about Social Club and the story behind it?

Marty: We are two guys; FERN and myself (Marty). We are the Hip Hop duo Social Club from South Florida. We love awesome beats, we love to rap, and we love to talk about life. We make music for misfits and we love Jesus. We are just crazy people who like to have fun; if you’re not having fun then why would you even do it? I don’t know. That’s what we think. We have a new project coming out called the Misfits Generation EP. It’s coming out on May 6th and it’s just crazy. We make music for real people going through real things. Our music is really for any age. We always narrow it down and say we make music for the misfits, we know who we’re trying to reach – the misfits.

What made you guys want Social Club to be a Hip Hop/Rap duo?

FERN: We’ve been rapping forever, it’s in our culture. It’s what we grew up to, you know? When I was growing up it was either heavy metal or what they called bass or hip-hop. I wound up loving Hip Hop. I wound up being involved in music, growing up in church playing drums and music. Rap was just my way of communication. I wound up being a little nice at it and we decided to take it to the next level.

TDB: How did you guys get brought together?

Marty: Fern and I met at a radio station. We were both doing music, just getting into it. We hit it off. One thing about us is we love to have fun, we love to have a good time. Whenever you have people in the room, the energy is high, you’re telling stories, and everyone’s laughing, that’s what we love. So we started making music together for fun, and it started becoming this thing with full momentum. People started buying the music, we started getting booked for shows. This movement started going of kids saying, “Look, you know, I’m a misfit. I don’t really fit in.” It just started growing, we didn’t have to force it or anything – it’s just the story of us. We started making music for real people, like I said. People started gravitating toward it. We just continued doing it. Over the last few years we’ve been able to drop nine projects, two of those were solo projects – FERN and myself worked it solo. This is our tenth project and we’re just having a blast with what we’re doing. I love seeing lives being changed, I love seeing and hearing stories of people saying, “Wow, your music – it really helps me. I never thought music could do that.”

When I think about it, when I was young I used to listen to Blink 182 and I used to listen to punk rock – what I loved. I remember one time being in Puerto Rico with my cousin who spoke Spanish. He was kind of supposed to take me around, but he ditched me. I remember going straight to the music. I went straight to my Blink 182 CD and had my own moment there. Music is powerful and it’s a tool that we use to reach people.

FERN: One thing I want to say is, especially when I came home from prison, people would talk to me like, “Dude, you gotta share your story. You gotta tell your testimony, man.” What better way for me to do that than put it on rap since I was doing that anyway? I get to put it on rap and tell every body about the grace that God has put on my life. So, ironically enough, I get to share my testimony with way more people than I would have at just Sunday at church or just being at church Sunday or being around my community. I get to share all over the country by putting it on audio with my brother. We get to share these stories, and it’s so crucial to be able to share and walk together in the victory so others can see where we came from and where we are now – that it’s possible. God will give you a second chance, God will look out for you.

TDB: Some exciting things have been happening for you guys – Marty just got married and Social Club has just been signed to Capitol CMG. How have the happy things going on inspired your upcoming EP Misfits Generation?

Marty: Well, you know what, you grow. If we were to have a conversation with you last year, you would be going through different things. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. If you’re not improving or getting better then what are you doing with your life? The music is gonna change because we’re going through different things in life. We’re becoming older, you know? Now I’m married. Now the awkward songs, they’ve changed. We have a song on the EP called “Marriage Goals” and it’s kind of like the new version of awkward where we’re talking about being married. It’s fun, it’s hip, it’s dope. It’s one of those things where you grow, your message changes. You don’t still sound the same like you did three years ago, the fans don’t like that. People want to hear you grow, they don’t want to hear what Drake sounded like three years ago. Now he sounds better. They don’t want to hear what Kendrick sounded like when he was 16. They want to hear Kendrick now. I really feel like we have a relative message for now, the sound is a “now sound”. One of the first things people would say about signing to a label is that they hope the message hasn’t changed because the truth is still the same. It has! Capitol is giving us a platform and saying, “you guys put music out as much as you want, let’s do this, let’s start reaching people.”

FERN: Yeah, ironically enough they asked that question, they said to make sure the message doesn’t change. Absolutely not, it’s just getting louder. With Capitol it’s just getting louder.

TDB: I think the fans will be relieved to know that, not that they would think any different! As reflected in some songs on the EP like Courage and “The Misfit Generation” which everyone will get to hear soon, there are some low points written about on this album too. What gets you through times like that?

FERN: Around the time we started recording my grandfather passed away. One of my favorite cousins had just passed away. You’ll hear a song on there called “The Misfit Generation” – they were the inspiration for my lyrics on that. Just dealing with a lot of touring and now that Marty is married, it’s been such a blessing to us as a group. For him to be married now and for us to move forward and have our wives now, it’s just a different thing. We went through all those transitions to get where we are now. All those transitions you can feel in the music. You’ll be able to feel the growing pains of us moving and going through our stuff – being concerned for our families and knowing that God has us; that His hand is on us. But you know, that humanness always has that little bit of wanting the best for everyone while we’re doing what we’re doing. You want the Lord to take care of everything that we put out. You want that to show through in the music, and I think it really will.

TDB: Is there a song you are most excited for fans to hear?

Marty: For some reason, I’m really excited for people to hear the song “Marriage Goals” on the record. I love the intro, I really think it’s something that people are going to think is dope. Honestly, every song is almost a single. The intro is dope, “Courage” is dope, “Kumbaya is dope, “Misfits” is dope, “Marriage Goals” is dope. Every song has a dope message but also is very “us” – we’re telling you the story so you’re getting our perspective. I’m really excited for the intro, actually. It’s called “Wavemasters”. We just feel like, as Christians, it’s our job to make the waves and set the trends. That’s what we’re called to do – to not follow the trends but to set them. It takes a lot of work and it takes a lot of time to understand our culture. But if you can make the waves, that’s what we’re called to do. Jesus set trends and we’re trying to set trends, too.

FERN: For those who have been following Social Club for a while, you’ll know our brother/mentor/pastor Chris Durso is on here. He’s been on a few of our projects now so it’s more of a tradition. He’s there with another great word, just setting the tone off right. Misfit is five years old, and to be honest with you Misfit inspired us and things of that nature. So you know, it’s nothing but a privilege and honor to partner up with Chris Durst again. So legendary. We love him.

Marty: And there’s a new artist named Aha Gazelle on here who’s dope on here as well. We love showcasing new talent, new artists, new vibes. He’s definitely a new vibe. I don’t think anyone on his platform has been able to showcase his type of talent. I really feel like he’s going to be something different, someone who’s just a different artist. He’s amazing.

FERN: Yeah, I really like him.

TDB: You guys will be joining NF on the “Therapy Sessions Tour” which starts on Thursday. Can you tell me a little bit about what that tour is going to be like?

Marty: It’s going to be madness. I hope that every listener comes out. We always say that we don’t want people to know what we’re going to do next. For this tour, we’re setting up for it and we’re excited. NF is so fun to work with and the team is amazing. We’re excited. There’s a couple shows that got dropped off, but we’re preparing to do some bigger things on the way. This tour’s going to be dope – we’re going to New York, Michigan on Thursday, Ohio on Friday. It’s going to be a really fun tour. If you’re in the area, you need to come out because it’s going to be fun. It’s one of those tours where you can bring someone who doesn’t even know who we are and they’re going to have a good time.

Fern: I look forward to seeing the people. This is gonna be such a cool thing even for us, we’re just as excited to be touring as well. Just the same way y’all feel excited, we feel excited to see y’all and to bring you guys exactly what you’re looking for – excellent music. We can’t wait to see you guys, hitting the road is amazing. We’ve been on a little three week break getting our rest on, getting our rest back on so we can hit the road. But we’re ready to go again!

TDB: What do you think will separate this tour from any other tour going on?

Fern: Well, it’s a major production. It’s going to be set with digital screens all over the place, the thing is going to be a major production. We’re coming through to set up shop, knock it down, and really bring excellence to whatever city we’re coming through with our brother NF. He’s our label mate, and our family. Literally our family. We’re coming through to bring the family to you and do what we gotta do – rep Jesus’ high excellence but have a great time.

A special thanks to Social Club for taking the time to talk to us. We are excited to see what their future holds! One last note – the guys want us to tell you that they love The Digital Breakdown family. We know you love them too!

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