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The Digital Breakdown Podcast #1

Welcome, everyone, to a project you can get excited about! The Digital Breakdown podcast has been officially launched, and we could not be happier. Each week or two you’ll be given a new podcast right here on our website which will always feature our teen editor Maddy Agers and her friend/mentor (frientor) John Nix! Here’s Maddy’s take on who John is/why she decided to kick off this project with him:
“John Nix and I met for the first time at Camp Electric in 2013. John is the on-campus pastor and he found a way to explain the Bible in a captivating way I had never heard. I remember recording sections of his sermons while I was at Camp and later replaying them on my phone when I missed being there. It’s hard to explain the way God works, but He always does it mysteriously. In 2014 I made a silly poster about how awesome John is completely as a joke. He laughed about it and put a picture of it jokingly on Instagram. Sometime in between the summer of 2014 and the summer of 2015, John attended a youth retreat as the pastor. Long story short, the organization accidentally put that photo from Camp on screen behind John as he preached. 

Because of that, he remembered meeting me and wondered what I was up to. A few months later, at Camp Electric in 2015, we caught up and decided it was time for us to work together. It’s been an honor becoming John’s friend. I appreciate every moment of time he has graciously given to furthering The Digital Breakdown. He truly believes in TDB and in me. I cannot wait for The Digital Breakdown’s family and friends to get to know him better. All I can say is, be ready for jokes about bacon and life!”

So, there you have it. Let us know what you think about this podcast in the comments, and be sure to share it with your friends. This week we talk about Sadie Robertson (a.k.a. America’s Sweetheart), Morgan Freeman, and Plumb! View it on YouTube or listen to it on SoundCloud.

Listen to The Digital Breakdown Podcast #1:

Soundcloud \\ (YouTube coming soon)

Links from podcast:

Jordan Feliz Interview

Plumb Interview

Live Original

Watch The Story of God with Morgan Freeman Online

About Maddy Agers (211 Articles)
Editor and founder of The Digital Breakdown. Coffee and tea drinker. Enjoys reading, writing, and music blaring.

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