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Country Singer Bradley Walker Teams With Rory Feek on Upcoming Album

Country singer and Alabama native Bradley Walker has just recorded his sophomore release, Call Me Old-Fashioned (Gaither Music Group/Farmhouse Recordings), produced by longtime friend, singer and songwriter Rory Feek (Joey+Rory) and scheduled to hit the streets on September 23rd.
A well-loved performer for years among country and bluegrass music circles, Walker is a storyteller. His unmistakable baritone vocals are at once refreshing yet warmly familiar as are his songs about life, love, family and his Christian faith.
“I think of this as a gospel record for people who don’t go to church,” Walker says, adding that he thinks the church crowd will embrace it as well; but he wants to do more than sing to the choir.  “I hope this can be an inspiration not only to people who are in church because I believe that’s where we all need to be, but I want to reach people also who aren’t in church and get them thinking about life.  These are songs about real life.” 
When it come to real-life songs, this longtime fan of country music legends like Merle Haggard, Vern Gosdin, Keith Whitley, George Jones, Gene Watson, Mel Street and George Strait knew just how to find lyrical gems he can’t wait to share.
The title cut, penned by Dave Turnbull and Jerry Salley, captures Walker’s love of tradition; and “The Toolbox,” written by Dennis Duff, is a quintessential country tale with beautiful analogy. Friends and award-winining group The Isaacs joined Walker for the gospel classic “Sweet Beulah Land,” and Walker showcases his signature style on the Kris Kristofferson-penned “Why Me.”
A student of country music lyrics for many years, Walker put his own life story to music alongside Feek and the late Tim Johnson with the song “I Feel Sorry for Them,” a poignant ballad that reflects Walker’s life journey in a wheelchair and defines the strength and grace that people know as Bradley Walker.
The song begins, “From the day that I was born I’ve learned to live with how things are.  I’ll never step up to the microphone or strum my own guitar.  For over 30 years now, I’ve been sitting in this chair.  When people stop and ask me if I think life’s been unfair, I say… I feel sorry for the hard-working mother raising children on her own.  And I feel sorry for the one who has to call cold underpass his home.  And all the lonely people out there who cannot find a friend, I feel sorry for them.”
“Bradley has a story to tell,” stated Feek.  “A unique story that God is telling with his life…and with his voice and his wheelchair and his muscular dystrophy and especially…his wonderful heart.  And just as I know Joey would be, I am so honored to be a small part of the big things that are coming together for Bradley.  He so, so deserves it.”
Feek and his late wife, Joey, have long been a part of Walker’s story.  The three recorded songs together and performed on various stages around the country.  Joey requested Walker sing the old hymn “Leave It There” at her funeral.  That performance caught the ear of gospel music legend Bill Gaither, and Gaither Music Group teamed up with Walker and Feek for the new CD and DVD recordings.  
“Bradley Walker has one of those voices that stops you in your tracks,” stated Gaither.  “His music offers the rare combination of talent, substance, and good old-fashioned values that make him a standout.”
As the new studio recording came into being, it seemed fitting for Walker to “sing with Joey” one more time.  Feek and Walker put together a special duet of the song “In the Time That You Gave Me,”featuring Walker and Joey.
The songs from the new recording are also featured on an all-new DVD, filmed in the barn at Joey+Rory’s farm outside of Nashville, TN.  Feek hosted the evening, which features a guest appearance from The Isaacs.  The DVD also includes behind-the-scenes footage with Feek and Walker who discuss life, love and the music they hold dear.
“I hope these songs are blessings to people,” the former IBMA Male Vocalist of the Year stated regarding his unique brand of faith-infused country music.  “I hope the songs make them think about their life in a way that they hadn’t thought about it before.  I want to record songs that say something….”
The Call Me Old-Fashioned recording will be featured as a TV special in the coming months on networks including RFD-TV, PBS, Gaither TV (DISH TV Channel 276), TBN, Family Net, CTN, The Walk TV (formerly Legacy), TCT and TLN and also in Canada on Vision TV, CTS, Grace TV and the Miracle Channel.  The DVD will be featured on Gaither TV (Roku, Google and the Internet).
Call Me Old-Fashioned is exclusively distributed by Capitol Christian Distribution and will be available throughout general market stores and the Christian marketplace in addition to online retailers including iTunes, Amazon and  Pre-sales are available now at, and  The recording will also be sold at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®.
For a preview of the DVD, visit:
For further information regarding Bradley, visit or follow him at

Call Me Old-Fashioned CD Song Listing:

01. Why Me
02. Call Me Old-Fashioned
03. I Count My Blessings
04. Sing Me to Heaven
05. Don’t Give Up on Me
06. The Toolbox
07. Pray for God
08. In the Time That You Gave Me (Duet with Joey Feek)
09. The Right Hand of Fellowship
10. His Memory Walks on Water
11. I Feel Sorry for Them
12. Sinners Only
13. With His Arms Wide Open
14. Sweet Beulah Land (Feat. The Isaacs)
Call Me Old-Fashioned DVD Song Listing:
01. I Feel Sorry for Them
02. Why Me
03. Sweet Beulah Land (Feat. The Isaacs)
04. The Right Hand of Fellowship
05. Don’t Give Up on Me
06. Sinners Only
07. I Count My Blessings
08. The Toolbox
09. Leave It There
10. In the Time That You Gave Me (Duet with Joey Feek)
11. Sing Me to Heaven
12. Call Me Old-Fashioned
13. His Memory Walks on Water
14. Pray for God
15. With His Arms Wide Open
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7 Comments on Country Singer Bradley Walker Teams With Rory Feek on Upcoming Album

  1. Is Bradley Walker married,any children?we love his CD I am giving his CD for Christmas gifts .love you all. And Rory Feel ,such an inspiration,Merry Christmas God Bless !


  2. Barbara Williamson // December 15, 2016 at 9:10 pm // Reply

    Bradely you are a great inspiration to me. I love your music. Your voice I could listen for ever. Then the song with Joey sends goose bumps down my spine. God bless you, we love you and Rory make more great songs. and Joey and I will be listening. God Bless you both.. BJW


  3. Hi Bradley! It was so great to meet you this evening at BWW. I couldn’t say this without getting emotional, but I truly appreciated your rendition of “Sweet Beulah land” with the Issacs. I cry because it was my Mom’s favorite. So glad to have recognized you “neighbor”. What would it take to bring your ministry to my church? God Bless!


  4. Sharon sanders // March 18, 2017 at 6:02 pm // Reply

    We love Bradley’s talent for singing & when he sings with Joey brings tears for the sadness of a voice that’s gone now 🎶🎶❤️


  5. Gail Martin // May 16, 2017 at 12:59 pm // Reply

    Bradley you are a GREAT!!! Inspiration to me. I saw you on Bill Gaither program with Rory ( 5/14/2017) and you sang a song and Joy backed ya up via soundtrack (maybe). Anyway you told some about the work you do at Browns Ferry and that you have built your own home and are living alone. I have some health issues an there are times I feel sorry for myself , I try hard to keep going each day GOD gives me but it is hard sometimes. Just want you to know, you have no idea how you have inspired me. You know if we would look around us we would see someone in worse shap than ourselves. I say gospel music is my therapy, it helps me through each day with GOD”S help. I Am! Going to buy your music and call the radio station, I listen to in Sweetwater, Tenn (WDEF), and get them to play your music. If it gets to where you have to give up your job or your singing (and I pray that time doesn”t come)I would hope you would keep your music. GOD BLESS AND I PRAY YOU HAVE MUCH MUCH SUCCESS !


  6. Diane Alhonen // May 26, 2018 at 11:18 pm // Reply

    Bradley, I have heard you sing with Joey & Rory Feek and you have an absolutely beautiful voice. Your instrument is your voice when you sing and that’s all you need when you do. I have been listening to Gospel for a quite a while now and i did grow up with as well when I went to church when I lived at home with my parents and family. Now that my parents are gone to heaven I lean on Gospel even more and it helps me a lot. I love that song you did at Joey Feek’s grave site called “Leave It There” it’s beautiful like you and your voice. God Bless you always. Sincerely, Diane Alhonen from Amherstburg, Ontario (Canada)


  7. You’re a Hero serving Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ with your music straight from your heart. Love every song but “I Feel Sorry For Them” really touches my heart because I too feel sorry for all those in your song that deny WHY they’re here: For God’s Glory, Purpose & Plan which they’ll never know without Salvation. Keep On Keepin On! God Bless You Abundantly from Ann Bear, also a musicianary in His Service!


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