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Tanya Godsey Talks Stories Behind Songs and All Things Fall

Recently we caught up with Tanya Godsey, whose album Love Lines the Last Horizon is out today! Here is what she had to say about the album and Fall!

TDB: Your new album “Love Lines the Last Horizon” is coming out September 30. Can you tell me a little bit about the story behind this album? 

Tanya: When people talk about music they think about emotion a lot of the time. I was having a conversation with my brother recently where he said, “Isn’t all music really about love and relationships? Doesn’t it really always come down to relationships?”

It’s interesting because I never thought of making a relational record before, but let’s face it – isn’t that what life is about? It’s kind of about our relationship with God, family, friends, and the world. That’s what this record is about; it kind of looks at all of the different angles of that. When I was making the record, one movie we really loved and would stop recording to watch the trailer for was Walter Mitty. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it but it’s a movie about stepping out and being brave. So there are lots of themes like having real conversations with people and believing in the kind of love that requires commitment. Also in believing that God’s love for us is above and beyond what we can understand.

TDB: What is the story behind “We Are Your Song”?

Most artists are kind of on the “two-year plan” of putting out records every two years. When I wrote that song it had been a while for me, I was at the three-and-a-half year mark, I had taken some time off for the birth of my child. Songwriting is a lot like listening, it’s kind of like a muscle – you use it or lose it. I think you have to make space in your life to do it. I had to figure out how to make space in my mind and life in this digital age where there are so many things screaming for our attention like Instagram, Snapchat, and text messages. You really do have to be intentional about it like, “Hey, I’m going to make space in my life to hear or create,” or whatever that is for you. I had to learn how to do that again because it was a muscle I hadn’t used in a really, really long time. I think every one does something and stops doing it for a time so they believe they’ll never be able to do that again. I think as a songwriter that’s the lie you always believe of, “I’ll never be able to write a great song again.” So it was a moment for me of going, “Oh my gosh, I can tune into that again!” The cool thing was that it ended up being a song not about myself but about the world, about how in the garden when we were created there was this master orchestrater who made all things and still holds all things together. He’s the one who is still keeping this song going, even in the rhythm of our own heartbeat and life. He’s the one that holds all things together. I loved that even after all that time it wasn’t a song I was given about me, it was about the world.

TBD: If you pre-order the album now, you get four songs including a song called “Watchmen” which is a song I love. It compares us waiting on God patiently as watchmen wait for the morning light. Why did that comparison stick out to you?

Tanya: That’s a great question. That song was written kind of in the watches of the night. Depression and anxiety is one of those topics that is a little taboo in the church, but I think it’s time we start talking about it. There are so many people dealing with it and I think we’ve gotta be comfortable with embracing the messiness of it. For us that looked like lots of sleepless nights for my husband. He was struck with that unexpectedly the night before I started this record. He had no history of it, he was a completely normal functioning person and he was hit hard with it the night before the record. We got into this pattern of sleep loss, which is very common for depression and anxiety. I feel like whatever influences you when you need it is kind of what you’ve put in your storehouse. As I was staying up with him, the Psalm “I wait for the Lord as watchmen wait for the morning” kept coming to mind.

I kept asking God, “What are we supposed to do with this situation?” We had tried to get help, advice, we sought counsel from professionals. It just wasn’t changing. So when it didn’t change and as I was praying through that process, God would keep bringing back that Psalm to me. So I went to the piano and began to sketch out a path for that song. The answer for me in that moment was that I may never have understanding, I may never be given that. But what God does give me is more of himself. The Scripture says “I wait for the Lord”. It doesn’t say, “I wait for the healing, change, answer, or understanding.” It says, “I wait for the Lord.” and In His goodness He gives us more of Himself. Sometimes that looks like an answer but sometimes that just looks like more of Himself showing up in our lives.

I think there’s a community out there that needs to hear that they’re not alone, so I hope that’s what they hear from that.

TDB: Can you tell me a little bit about the song “Anywhere you are”?

Tanya: I think things are never really easy in real relationships. Recently I heard a guy named Henry Cloud say, “You have sudo relationships and you have real relationships.” I think when you do real relationships, you’re honest and you’re authentic and you show up with the joy and the sorrow of every season you’re going through. As we grow older we discover that the people you can do that with – if you can find one or two people you can of that with – you have struck gold! I wanted to write a song that celebrated those kinds of relationships and that really spurred us on to model that more. Because let’s face it – relationships are work. And when you hit those “lulls” in life and you need the support, often people will hit the eject button. So to have a model like God’s model, basically his model with us is this – I’m not going to be discouraged by the stuff you go through, my commitment toward you isn’t dependent on how you’re doing. I’m going to be committed to you regardless of what happens. Wherever you go, I’m going to follow you. Scripture tells us this that if we go to the depths there is no darkness where He is”. He is going to pursue us wherever we go. Using that as a model, I hope that song encourages people to really dig in to the real stuff of relationships, not just the easy stuff. The beautiful thing is when you get to the other side and through the battle and the trenches with somebody, that celebration is so much sweeter.

“Anywhere you are” actually talks about seasons changing. Now – Like I said, the album actually comes out on September 30th, and it is the perfect album for fall. Are you looking forward to fall?

Tanya: Oh my gosh, I love this question! Fall is my favorite, favorite, favorite season. If I were a season I would be Fall. I love everything pumpkin. I went to this new store here called Trout and they were selling pumpkin cookies already, so I brought some home and inhaled the smell. We just love it. We decorate the house and I put out pumpkins and mums in the front.. I just start going pumpkin crazy I guess! Sometimes I just go to the Fall corner of Hobby Lobby and just stand there for five minutes.

TDB: Can you tell me about your plans for the future? Will you be speaking or performing anywhere in the near future?

Tanya: I’ve got some things lined up for the Fall. I’ll be in Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Washington. I’m just kind of making my rounds in different places! But yeah, our hope is to get out there and my hope with this album is to encourage the church and different people and going through seasons of just having to trust the Lord in the season they’re in. So we’re going to get out there and do it!

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