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Genius Games Is Transforming Narrative Around Girls and Science

Let’s face it – when asked for a list of female scientists, most people would start and end with just one name: Marie Curie. History, however, is filied with women who made astounding scientific discoveries, and made them in a world that often diminished or even stole those discoveries. It’s time to transform this narrative. The Science Wide Open children’s book series is a celebration of women in science that shares inspirational true stories and teaches basics of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. It will be launched by Genius Games on Kickstarter on October 4, 2016.
The three book set, Women in Chemistry, Women in Biology, and Women in Physics features a girl filled with curiosity who can’t help but wonder about the world around her. The text is kid-approved, featuring science and history wrapped up in engaging narrative. The incredible artwork of Brazilian artist Danielle Pioli brings the stories of female scientists like Émilie du Châtelet, Dawn Shaughnessy, and Jane Cooke Wright to life. Recommended ages 4 – 8, the Science Wide Open series will inspire as well as teach.
We all want to foster the natural curiosity of children. Whether we’re examining
the beauty of a butterfly’s wings, or wondering why an apple falls down instead
of up, watching our kids and students learn something new is one of life’s joys.
Science Wide Open offers another precious opportunity to enjoy the connection that comes from learning together.
Science Wide Open is brought to you by the same team behind the $103K Kickstarter success My First Science Textbook series: creator/editor John Coveyou and author Mary Wissinger. Genius Games has become a Kickstarter champion with six successful campaigns, and has caught the attention of respected media outlets such as GeekMom and GeekDad, Scientific American, Gizmodo, and more.. Science Wide Open shares stories of resilience and curiosity that can be a starting point for girls to begin their own journeys in science. Join in October 4 by visiting the Kickstarter Page and clicking on the “Back this Project” button to support the Genius Games Science Wide Open campaign.
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