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Bringing Up Bates Season 5 Premiere Recap

“Summer Lovin’, Guitar Strummin and a Surprise a Comin'”

Last night, the Bates made their Season 5 premiere on UP Entertainment. The episode started off with a brief review on some of the family’s latest news – Lawson is kicking off his music career and managing himself, Tori is a full-time student and has a boyfriend, and Trace is trying to get a job at the Dixie Stampede!

First, the Bates visit The Wilds overnight camp in North Carolina to pick up three of the boys – Jackson, Warden, and Isaiah. This is exciting because this is the first time any of the kids have gone to overnight camp without the rest of the family. Bobby Smith just so happened to be a counselor at this camp, and Tori was happy to see him again.

Tori explained that she and Bobby have been “together” for about a year, but aren’t in an official courtship because Gil wants them to get to know one another better before they jump into something more “official”. Bobby lives in Tampa, Florida and Tori lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. Regardless of distance, they make each other happy! She explains, “We’re together but we’re not together. It’s confusing. We’re going to get married.”

Upon arrival at camp, the Bates received an exclusive tour of the grounds. They stopp at the giant swing first, where Gil immediately knows it is not something his wife would ordinarily do. However, she is tricked into thinking it is a calm, romantic ride that she can enjoy with her husband. She reluctantly agrees, and is strapped in. Fortunately for the kids and Gil, she realizes what is going on too late and has to go on the ride anyway. Her reaction is hilarious, as she screams and calls it a “torture contraption”. The kids are definitely happy with themselves!

Meanwhile, Lawson is working on his upcoming tour so he can promote his new CD. He goes to the studio to track some vocals with Kelly and Josie. It is obvious that Kelly enjoys seeing her son do what he loves, and Lawson says he appreciates all the encouragement she gives him. He is recording a song with Emily Ann Roberts, a runner-up on “The Voice”. Lawson says she impressed him with her Voice performances, but that seeing her in studio impressed him more because she made it seem “effortless”.

Trace is practicing for his Dixie Stampede audition at home, all with the support of his family. Since none of his family members are dancers, Kelly and Gil say they may have to get Trace some dance lessons. Although Gil was always reluctant to let his kids take dance lessons due to many dances having inappropriate motives, he says he is reevaluating because Trace enjoys it so much.

Zach and Whitney are enjoying time together on Zach’s day off. He works 12-hour shifts as a law enforcement officer and Whitney says it is difficult at times. They go over to Gil and Kelly’s for a family day, where everyone is preparing for a big dinner and looking forward to seeing each other.

Suddenly, family friend Mrs. Dingus shows up with little white boxes. Excitement takes over and the kids wants to know who is pregnant! Is it Kelly? Everyone sits down and opens the boxes to find Alyssa and John’s maternity photos! They’re having a baby girl who will be named Lexi Mae. The family runs outside to find the Websters. Kelly and Gil are over the moon to find out they are going to have another granddaughter. The episode ends with the family at the dinner table enjoying time together. “It’s busy, but I don’t think we would have it any other way,” Kelly says in reference to the beautifully busy life the Bates live!

We hope you enjoyed this recap, and remember — we’ll be back every week with a “Bringing up Bates” recap! What are you most looking forward to about the next episode?

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  1. I love Bring up Bates. Do you only have to register one time to win the money?


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