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Carmen Justice Talks Solo Career and Overcoming Fear

Today our editor, Maddy Agers, had the pleasure of talking to Carmen Justice, formerly of One Girl Nation, about her jump into a solo career! Thank you for checking it out!

TDB: Tell me about yourself and how you got involved in music!

I have always been a part of music since I was a little girl; I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t singing. Grew up in church, and just have always been somehow involved in music. I actually studied music at Belmont and for the last five years I was part of a band called “One Girl Nation”. I learned a lot from that. I think with music and being creative, with every season there is just so much to be learned! I’m entering this new season where I’m releasing my new single “Flaming Arrows” a week from today. I’m just super pumped. I think I’ve learned a lot, and there’s just a lot to be said about overcoming fear which is my message now – this idea that we can overcome fear whether we’re in high school and fearful of a test next week or it’s something more serious, and we have anxiety about real life issues. Or there’s divorce at home, or all the stuff on social media that I think we can all deal with. I think that the song is applicable to anyone! Over the years I’ve just learned a lot and I’ve just been pouring my heart and soul into this music.

TDB: You were in the band 1 Girl Nation for five years. Were you nervous to step out of that chapter?

Oh yeah! Oh my goodness! It was very bittersweet for me. I love those girls with all my heart. We are still best friends and I talk to them all the time! We had so much fun, we got to do two albums together and travel together. I think it was just one of those things where we looked at each other and it was just time for us all to move on to different things. I think it was definitely bittersweet. It had some excitement with it, just the idea that I had a blank sheet of paper in front of me and it was like a new book I was going to be able to write.  I think there’s sadness and happiness that comes along with any chapter ending, especially when you love the people you work with. It’s been exciting though! I’ve learned a lot about myself the past few months and I’ve been able to figure out what my voice is as just Carmen. What do I want to tell people with the platform I have? What’s the message I want people to hear and why am I doing it in the first place?

So it’s been good for me and I’ve just been praying that it encourages others to not be afraid to step out even if something is very uncomfortable or scary. Sometimes getting out of our comfort zones is a good thing.

TDB: Obviously “Flaming Arrows” differs stylistically from One Girl Nation’s music. Did you know you wanted to take a more electronic, alternative route?

Yeah, I did, and that’s the type of music I listen to in my personal life. I think when writing songs I have always kind of leaned toward that sound anyway. It’s been really fun to just be myself and write with people who are some of my best friends. I’m creating music that I would want to listen to, and I think when I put music out I’m really proud of it. I can put my stamp of approval on it and be like, “this is truly my heart in a song.” And that’s something really cool for me.

TDB: What can fans expect in the coming year – will you be releasing more music or be on tour?

I am, my plans for this year are just to continue to release more music! I’m planning on releasing another single in late Spring, which I’m already in the works for (which is exciting)! And then hopefully an EP later this year. So definitely more to look forward to this year from me. I’m also ready to get back on the road – I’m ready more than ever. I’m just trying to work on getting some dates on the books, so be looking forward to that. It’ll be on my website,, once all of that is set in stone!

TDB: Awesome! I’ve gotta know – was it fun to film a music video on your own?

It was, this music video was super fun! The location we filmed at actually was in this room which, funny enough, was on the third floor of a boutique down in Franklin, Tennessee. It was the most random way we discovered it! I was out shopping one day and you know, I can talk to a wall. I ended up talking to the lady who owns this boutique and she was like “actually, there’s a really creepy room upstairs and we don’t know what to use it for!”

I was like, “I know what to use it for! I want to film my music video there!” They were so sweet to let us use it, and that’s where the location was in the room. And right above there was the rooftop scenes we shot. It was really fun to work with my husband who does video production, as well as my brother-in-law. So it was kind of like my whole family and it was just a blast! It came together really quickly. I’m excited for people to see it!

TDB: What was that boutique called?

It’s called “Imago Dei” and it’s right down kind of right on the circle in Franklin! It’s like right there, it’s just the cutest shop and they’re just the sweetest people. They love the Lord and they were so open to having me shoot there. I have nothing but good things to say about them, I’m hoping to post about them more because I want people to shop there!

TDB: Wow, we’ll have to check it out! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us! We wish you well on all of your endeavors!

Watch the “Flaming Arrows” Music Video!

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