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Why We Don’t Rate Albums or Films

My name is Maddy Agers and I am the editor of The Digital Breakdown. I also happen to be the creator of it, which I am proud to say! Everything you see on here has probably been written by yours truly. (Press statements are not, but are carefully reviewed by me before they are live.) Before I started this website, I read lots of other articles from other websites and publications. I even wrote my own column for one, which was a valuable learning experience.

When I set out to begin a new website, I realized there were certain things I did not want to bring into TDB. I wanted a website more focused on relationships with agents and artists. I wanted to work hard to ensure every interview was a personal experience. I also was incredibly adamant that I would NOT rate albums with stars.

I felt this way for a few reasons. I think the biggest is this: I am not a music expert, nor am I capable of judging someone else’s work. Especially in genres I have not spent a lot of time listening to! It’s not that I feel that it’s wrong for publications to do this, but I do not feel that “rating” a project someone poured sweat, blood, and tears into is something I should be doing. I would much rather talk about the album and the messages it is composed of. That way you’re encouraged to at least give it a listen!

Another thing you may not know is that most publications are given a free copy of music or film projects. This makes me weary of just slapping a number on something because those artists are putting themselves out on the line so that your publication will *possibly* give their project a listen.

Finally, music is a subjective thing! Right now, for example, Ed Sheeran’s new album Divide is receiving relatively low review numbers from critics. Someone who is a fan will most likely fall head-over-heels for the same project. Plus, they will most likely be more drawn to articles that talk about what the message the songs contain, or the interesting ways Ed made the album different this time around. Personally, if you’re visiting The Digital Breakdown, I believe these are the things you should find.

All in all, the music business would not be the same without star-reviews for artists. But when you can find those just about anywhere, I did not see the point in structuring yet another website that way. When you come here for music news, interviews, and reviews, you’re going to find stories behind music. You’ll find honest opinions on music, but you won’t see us putting artists down for taking a risk. As a fan, that’s what I want to see about my favorite artists. I know you do, too.

About Maddy Agers (211 Articles)
Editor and founder of The Digital Breakdown. Coffee and tea drinker. Enjoys reading, writing, and music blaring.

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