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Jordan Feliz Breaks Down New Album “Future” and Talks Tour

TDB: Hey Jordan! You’ve been on Winter Jam 2018 and have been traveling all over the country lately. Have you had any favorite locations?

JF: Oh man. Grand Rapids is always awesome, Tulsa was really great. I mean honestly, everywhere has been amazing. It really has just been good days all the time. We’ve had good turnouts and everyone is excited to be here and that’s been super fun!

TDB: Definitely! I saw you come through St. Louis on this tour and it was great. For anyone who has been to Winter Jam, they know you play “Witness” during your set. Tell me about that song’s story and what it means to you.

JF: Basically, the song really came out of a season of me coming out of the record The River. When I was writing for that record, there wasn’t a whole lot of pressure because it was one of those albums where it could have succeeded or failed and probably no one would have known about it. But because it did so exceptionally well, it created stress, anxiety, and lots of fears for me. So I spent half of the year writing the record and feeling like nothing was good enough, you know? Like, I wasn’t going to be able to actually perform. So I literally just ended up sitting down with my producer and one of my favorite co-writers, Paul Duncan, who has written tons of songs on the new record. He also wrote “Beloved” and “Satisfied” with me on the first record.

We sat down and I was telling him what I was going through, and how I was super stressed out. Paul was like, “Dude, you have to realize that we have somebody who we can turn to at any moment in our lives who is sovereign over any state of our life.” I looked at him and said, “that’s what I want to write about today.”

So we ended up writing “Witness”. It’s really, truly, about the fact that every day, you and I are feeling different emotions, different things in our lives. There are 60 billion people, or whatever it is, all on the face of the planet. And we’re all dealing with different things today – different emotions. Whether that’s stress, anxiety, fear, joy – as believers, we have the capability to run to the person who is always sovereign over every state of our life, every second of our lives. That’s really what “Witness” is about – coming together as the body of Christ and saying, “yes, he is sovereign over my life, can I get a witness?”

TDB: Yes! That’s really powerful – and that message is really carried through the album. Another song I’ve enjoyed is “Faith”, because of the large role faith plays on the record – from the rough times fighting to still have faith or moving across the country on faith and pennies with your wife. Have you heard any fans say what this song has meant to them?

JF: Yeah, I actually have had a couple people already – which has been huge since the song hasn’t had any radio play or anything like that. It’s just been released on all the online music platforms, but I’ve already had people say it’s made a massive impact on them. I had one guy write me on Instagram and said he had lost his job out of the blue, and he has three kids and a wife. He said “Faith” came out the day that happened and he downloaded it and told me he’d been listening to it straight for two weeks and praying God would provide, as he prayed and gave the situation to Him.

He sent me a message a couple weeks ago and said: “I just wanted to let you know that I got a new job, I’ve had it for two months now and I’m so excited about it so thank you for your song helping me get through it.”

It’s little things like that that make you realize how big God is, and how much He can do in the lives of people through music.

TDB: For sure, that’s something we can all agree on – music has power. A relatable quality of your music is your honesty, which is all over the song “All Along”. When you sing that song, does it take you back and make you think of how far you’ve come?

JF: Yes. *laughs* one hundred percent. That one has become one my favorite songs that I’ve ever been a part of, just because of how real it is, you know? And it is – it’s really my story wrapped up in a three-minute snippet. It was really fun to write it and put it out and hopefully enjoy it.

TDB: So, “Future” is a song I have fallen in love with and I have to ask why you wanted to name the album after it.

JF: For me, the day that we wrote “Witness”, a lot of our conversations were talking about what was to come. We were discussing how people are going to be stressing out because they don’t know their future. We were looking at the last line of Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1:18. It talks about how our future is found in the inheritance of God. When we read that, it kind of crushed all of us. It was one of those things where we knew right there that it’s the most relevant thing today because so many of us are scared because we don’t know what’s coming.

Our society has this planning mentality and “I’m gonna make this happen” mentality. The thing is, a lot of that is wrong because none of it works out. But the beautiful thing is, that’s not where our future has to be, in our own plan. It’s not in our own “stuff”, it’s all in the inheritance that God has given us.

TDB: And the solution for that issue can be found in “Lay it Down”, really telling you to let go and lay it down before Jesus. It’s especially applicable in this Millennial society where we all feel the need to do it ourselves, so it’s nice to have that reminder to let go in a song. Does that song encourage you, too, and what made you want to write such an honest prayer like this?

JF: This whole record has kind of been about what I learned in a short amount of time while writing the record. Each song pertains to a different lesson I’ve learned while learning how to give things up. I think that’s a battle we fight every day – to choose to give it to Jesus. It’s just like how salvation is a process, we choose to give our lives to Jesus and trust Him.

That’s what “Lay it Down” is about, learning how to lay it down as humans and say “No, we’re just gonna let this go and give it to the Lord. And He’s gonna make it so beautiful because I’ll be free of everything the world is throwing at me.” You know what I mean?

TDB: Yes, completely. A couple other songs I found powerful are “That’s the Life” and “180” because they talk about a shift in perspective due to your faith in God. When I was listening to “That’s the Life”, I was thinking about how your view on the ideal life may have changed. Has your view on that changed as you’ve grown in your relationship with Christ?

JF: Yes, oh man – one hundred percent! I think it’s one of those things in life where it really comes into perspective, you know what I mean? “That’s the Life” is kind of an anthem of that. Like, if we choose to see the miracles God does every day and, like you said, really learn and grow, that’s really where the best life is.

TDB: That’s so true. And I love what you said earlier about each song being a lesson you learned because the album totally takes you through your hills and valleys.

JF: Oh, thank you. It means a lot!

TDB: You’re welcome! So right now, you’re on Winter Jam and coming up soon is your Future tour. Are you rehearsing and getting ready for that next step?

JF: We are planning right now and we rehearse in a rehearsal space three days before the tour! I’m so excited, I’m so pumped. I feel like it’s going to be a great tour, and I’m so amped for the fact that we get to play the new songs for people. It’s going to be so much fun!

TDB: Yes, I can’t wait! Hopefully, we catch you on one of the dates. Thank you so much for talking with me today, I appreciate your time!

Don’t forget to check out this video for “Count That High” featuring Jordan and his adorable family!

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