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Gif Reactions To Mat Kearney’s CRAZYTALK

Mat Kearney released his new album, CRAZYTALK, last Friday and it’s making every fan ~feel~ things. Mat’s got that voice that makes you blubber-cry in the middle of a coffee shop, subsequently forcing you to embarrass yourself in front of all patrons as you walk to get a napkin. (No? Just me? Ok.)

Anyway, pure-blood millennial that I am, I decided the internet needs a reaction to this magical blessing of an album with .gifs. (Obviously.) Here goes:

1. Better Than I Used To Be

“Never know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone, guess I’ll never know ‘cause I know you’re my only one” .. DID HE JUST?


2. Face To Face

Because he wrote this song on the beach with a ukulele (which is the undertone of the song). BRB, learning how to play ukulele now.


3. Kings and Queens

Because y’all better recognize that Mat is songwriting KING.


4. Money

Umm yes, he just went there with cute pop culture references and an old ‘90’s song. And we’re so glad he did.



5. Changes

In denial of the feelings that come with this song.



6. Memorized

Never thought we’d say this, but we’re all Patrick Star right now.


7. Don’t Cry For Me

Us, crying while Mat is literally telling us not to.


8. Wanted Man

Omgomgomgomg this song.


9. Keep On Loving You

That “my little Spanish-speaking, heart-bleeding, firecracker, señorita” line got us feeling like:


10. Sleeping At The Wheel

Us, waking up to this song:


11. By Your Side

This Sade cover is the perfect phone-flashlights-in-large-arena song. Over here like:


12. Fortress

“Evergreens, evergreens” starting that rap off right!


13. I Can’t Wait For You To Get Here

He wrote this about his daughter. We just can’t.


So, there you have it. A CRAZYTALK gif reaction! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below:

Connect with Mat Kearney:

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