My name is Maddy Agers, and I’m the editor of The Digital Breakdown. Hey there!

The Digital Breakdown is aimed towards tweens, teens, and 20-somethings. That’s because I believe God has really set it on my heart to reach out to people my age. However, The Digital Breakdown is for anyone! My vision for “TDB” – as you will usually hear it affectionately referred to – is to bring the “good stuff” going on in the media industry to people all over the world. We’ve reached people in America, Japan, Indonesia, France, and Australia already — and we’re just getting started!

I started The Digital Breakdown because I love positive things. I have grown up inspired by TobyMac, Capital Kings, Taylor Swift, and Jamie Grace. I love to write about things that inspire me, so naturally I write a LOT about music. I’ve been blessed to be able to be on the red carpet at awards shows, interviewing some of my favorite people ever. I’m only fifteen, but don’t be fooled into thinking I’ve got it together! Trust me.

I want to be real with you guys on here. I don’t want you to feel like God can’t use YOU to do this stuff! I’m only fifteen, and God is using me as a voice for teens in the music industry. I wake up some days and think I’m living in a really good dream. As I said before, I love to write. You’ll see my views on life a lot through my blogs, which are one of my (many) favorite parts of being the Editor of TDB.

Thank you for visiting TDB. I appreciate you coming our way! Oh – and if you want constant updates on us, random fun stuff like contests, and positive media, I’ve included all of our Social Media links below! It’s been a ton of fun talking to you. Maybe give our site a look and tell me what you think?

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